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With over 25 years experience in the music industry, Brendan Marolla has worked with hundreds of independent bands and solo artists as both a sound engineer and professional musician. To date he has produced over 50 albums, EP’s and singles for independent release in just about every musical genre, many of which have enjoyed radio-play in Australia and overseas.

On top of his production credits, Brendan has engineered countless recording projects in both his own studios and others in Queensland and Victoria. After residing in Melbourne between 2006 and 2021 and founding Bounce Recording Studios in Epping Victoria, Brendan is now based in Townsville North Queensland where he mostly conducts his services online and meets with clients from all over Australia remotely using the latest audio web tools and plug-ins allowing him to creatively collaborate with artists where they are.

A talented keyboard player, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, Brendan has won many awards as a solo artist including the prestigious Aristocrat Entertainer of The Year award in 2000 in Tamworth among many other various awards and completed a 4 month national tour as part of the Brian Young Show in 1999.

Brendan has been involved in live audio production and live radio operations for many years. He has consulted numerous live performance venues and churches of various sizes in designing affordable and effective audio, lighting and visual systems as well as coordinating sales, installation, set-up and training facilitation. His live sound and audio operating experience ranges from pub gigs to outdoor festivals to stadiums with experience on Digico, Yamaha, Midas and Allen & Heath digital consoles. To top off his audio operations experience, Brendan works for a prominent national radio broadcaster where he facilitates live outdoor and national sport broadcasts.

Brendan enjoys working with artists that have the drive and determination to tackle a career in today’s music industry and seeks to draw the best out of them in the studio to create a sound they are proud to promote.


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Brendan Marolla | Daniel Shaw - Don't Leave Me Now

Daniel Shaw

Brendan Marolla | Sarahj - Reaper


Brendan Marolla | GIGI Rose - Fearless


The Adventures of Him and Her


Before the Drought - Single

Travis Sinclair

Brighter Day - Single

Stevie Burr


Current – 1996

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Khristian Walker – Homesick (Single)
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Isaac Lizzit – Way To Win (EP)
Greg Finlayson – (Double Single)
Travis Sinclair – Drought (Single)
Zafifah Rohaizad – Euphoria (EP)
Daniel Shaw – 10 Years (Album)
Tharusha Silva – Her (EP)
Lenora Deniese – Without You (Single)
Lloyd Seaman – I Got It Covered (Album)
Lydia D’lasselle – Coverd (Album)
April Wood – Braver (Single)
Billy Sterg – (Triple Single)
Rosalind – Rosalind EP
Dave Graffin – (Double Single)
Daniel Vella – Sunlight (Double Single)
Beej. – Song For Kaylyn (Single)
Ryley Swan – Seasons (Album)
Xposed Xotiocs – (Triple Single)
Sam Trowse – Bombay Hurricane (EP)
Daniel Shaw – Cross The Line (EP)
Ami – Strength Of A Woman (Single)
Sarahj. – Reaper (EP)
JADE – (Triple Single)
GIGI Rose – Deamscape (Album)
Nostalgia – (Triple Single)
Massacre Of Innocence – Wasteland (Album)
Ayy Kayy – Over The Moon (Single)
Stevie Burr – Got A Story (EP)
April Wood – Drive (EP)
Jacinta Rose – Moments (EP)
Leonie Wheeler – The Journey (Album)
Tracii Tate – Tracii Tate (EP)
Riot Kingdom – Born For This (EP)
Hicks & Gorman – Wild Flame (Single)
Tony Rebeiro – Could This Be 50 (EP)
Nazzereene – (Triple Single)
Dune Seven – News For You (EP)
Billy Sterg – (Triple Single)
The Change Room – Self Titled (EP)
Michael Basaranowicz – Self titled (EP)
Amy Zaghini – Sweet Out Of Sight (Album)
Annika Jane – Annika (EP)
Jarman Toor – She Drives Me So Crazy (Single)
Zoe Badwi (feat EXL) – Spasmodic Pop (Single)
Jon Ferrier – Blue Sky (EP)
Michael Edwards – His New Baby (EP)
EXL – Go Sick (Single)
Tyla Bertolli – Burn Burn (Single)
Amy Zaghini – Mind Reader (EP)
Tamara Brennan – My Daughter (Single)
Wantaways – Further Closer (Album)
Justin Khoo – What My Tomorrow Needs (Single)
Nick Smith – Stand (Single)
Shelley Marolla – Dangerous (Single)
Daniel Shaw – Love (Album)
Plenty Valley Church – Sovereign God (Album)
Tony Guglielmo – Tony Guglielmo (EP)
Ron Sellars – Sing Me A Little Town (Album)
Angela Robinson – Won’t Back Down (EP)
Andrea Mandalis – Andrea Mandalis (EP)
[is] – Someone Sued Superman (Single)
Polly Kenny – Polly Kenny (EP)
Sera-Jane – In My Town (Album)
Lynn Soucelier – Butterflies (Album)
Reflux – Reflux (EP)
Ron Sellars – Rain On The Dessert (EP)
Merlin’s Traffic – Merlin’s Traffic (EP)
TropiCountry Collection Vol 1 – Various Artists (Double Album)
Leonie-May – Blue Skies (EP)
Trevor Prior & Sons – Across The Great Divide (EP)
Lloyd Hughes & Brad Pitcher – Ned Kelley 2000 (Single)
Peter & Tammy Moxon & Laurel Sampson – Three Seasons (Album)
Peta-Cherae Kleehammer & Brendan Marolla – You & Me (Album)


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